Kentucky Wines from Martin and Co. Wines

Kentucky wines carried Martin and Co. Wines, Inc., a fine wine importer and distributor in Ohio and Kentucky, including award winning Baker Bird Wines from Augusta Kentucky and Rose Hill Farm Wines from Butler.

Wines from Kentucky

Baker Bird Winery: Augusta

  • Vidal Blanc
  • Semi Dry Vidal Blanc  
  • Chardonelle
  • Chambourcin  
  • Ruby Hawk Rose
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Red Hawk
  • Black Barrel Wine (wine aged in used barrels from the Jim Beam distillery)

Rose Hill Farm Winery: Butler

  • Traminette
  • Peach
  • Blackberry
  • Apple
  • Chambourcin
  • Rose Red Chambourcin
  • Wild Rose Concord
  • Cabernet Franc


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