About Martin & Company Wines

Information about contacting Martin & Co. Wines, a fine wine importer, distributor and wholesaler in Ohio and Kentucky.

About Us

Martin & Co. Wines, Inc. is a fast-growing importer and distributor of fine wine, founded in 2008 by Martin Rezelj.  What started as a company that imported and distributed wine from two wineries in Argentina has grown to represent many wineries from around the world.  Martin & Co. offers a wide variety of fine wine such as gold-medal winning Champagne, wines rated 90+ points and even local wine.  See the wines in our portfolio by clicking on the tabs above.

For more information about using Martin & Co. to import and/or distribute your wines in Ohio or Kentucky, please contact us at sales@martincowines.com or fill at the form below.  You can also reach us by calling one of the below numbers:

Ohio Operations

2810 Highland Avenue

Norwood, OH 45212


Kentucky Operations

520 Enterprise Drive

Erlanger, KY 41017


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