Employees with Martin & Co., Inc.

Employees of Martin & Company Wines, Inc., a fine wine importer, distributor and wholesaler in Ohio and Kentucky.

Our Fine Wine Consultants:

Director of Sales:

Todd Pytlinski

513.519.5991          tpytlinski@martincowines.com

Sales Representative: 

Paula Thomas, Louisville and Lexington, KY

270.401.5462          pthomas@martincowines.com


Sales Representative: 

Katie Allison, Columbus/Central Ohio

 614.598.3435         kallison@martincowines.com

Sales Representative: 

Britt Hedges, Cincinnati/Dayton, OH

    513.235.1213         bhedges@martincowines.com

Sales Representative: 

Heather Liput, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky  

513.300.2107    hliput@martincowines.com

Sales Representative:

Joe Lauber, Cincinnati

   513.262.6934        jlauber@martincowines.com

Sales Representative: 

Gina Zangara, Cleveland/Northeastern, Ohio

 440/749-9921        gzangara@martincowines.com


Sales Representative:

Lauri Cooper, Toledo/Northwestern Ohio

  419.266.4521         lcooper@martincowines.com

Founder and President: 

Martin Rezelj

martin wines grapes 1.jpg

For information about sales and products, please contact us at sales@martincowines.com